Small Businesses and Busy Professionals

Many small businesses and nonprofits can’t afford to have a bookkeeper on staff, but the work still needs to be done. I fill that need and work with them at whatever level they require.

I have helped sole proprietor interior designers set up their own bookkeeping systems and taught them to use QuickBooks™ so they can track their income, expenses, and sales tax reliably themselves. I have provided in-house payroll services to nonprofits, as well as regular reconciliation of their bank accounts and bill-paying, so the overworked staff could focus on providing the agency’s targeted services.

With my background in construction and photography, contractors and photographers find my familiarity with their language and practices a big asset. My tenacity has helped my clients in health-care service industries (chiropractors, psychotherapists) collect all the monies due them from clients and insurance providers.

Really Busy People
Individuals who are too busy to pay their bills or reconcile their own bank accounts have found relief in having their own private bookkeeper as well. My services are also useful for those managing trusts or anyone who wants to track their investment portfolios and assets all in one place.

My clients have one thing in common:  The need for accurate tracking of income and expenses, paying bills, figuring taxes, and perhaps processing payroll. I can provide these services to anyone, in any field of expertise.

A Sampling of my Clients:
Pacific Packaging Service Inc. – packaging distributor
John and Cheryl O’Shaughnessy – private individuals
Anago of Minneapolis — master franchiser for cleaning franchises
Arbor Therapy Center — psychotherapy clinic
Crescenterra Health Center  chiropractic clinic
Success in Motion Therapymassage and occupational therapy
Reveal Sacred Skincare — esthetician and medispa
Aurora Consultingorganizational development for nonprofits
Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theaternonprofit dance theater and school
Jawaahirdance theater and school
Highland Park Counseling Associates — DBT therapy clinic
Integrative Therapy — occupational therapy for schools
Jonathan Chapman Photography – videography
Kirkpatrick Design — graphic designer
Land Design Ltd– landscaping
Owen Photo, Inc. – studio photography
LV Engineering – mechanical engineering
Carina Creative wedding photography
Buck Brothers Constructiongeneral contractor
Wherefore Cobusiness futurist and speaker

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