For your convenience, below are links to state and federal government websites, as well as some key employment forms.

Federal and State Revenue Sites

IRS Home Page with links to forms, services, and information.

IRS Forms and Publications, most of which are downloadable.

Electronic Federal Payment System or EFTPS.  Federal payroll taxes must be paid electronically through this system. Use this link to enroll or make payments if already enrolled.

Minnesota Department of Revenue Home Page, with links to information, forms, and e-services for individuals and businesses.

Some Important Employment Forms

W-4 — PDF *
On this form, the employee indicates how many tax allowances are being claimed. The more allowances, the lower the federal and state tax withheld from the paycheck. This form also provides employee address verification as supplied by employee.

Form I-9 — Employment Eligibility Verification — PDF*
This form verifies the new employee is eligible to work in the United States. The employee must either display a US passport, or foreign passport with the appropriate work authorization stamped on it, or two other forms of verification as listed in the form, one which verifies identity and the other, employment authorization.  It is the employer’s responsibility to check this identification, copy the numbers on it and sign that everything checks out as it should.

W-9 — PDF *
This form provides address, tax entity status, and tax ID numbers for independent contractors. This information will be required to prepare any required 1099 forms for independent contractors at the end of the year.

Minnesota New Hire Reporting Center
Register on this website to be able to report Minnesota new hires online, or download the form below and fax or send it in.

Minnesota New Hire Form — PDF*

*NOTE: The W-4, I-9, and W-9 forms do not get returned to the government, but must be filled out and signed by the employee and, in the case of the I-9, the employer. These forms must be kept on file in the employer’s office. The Minnesota New Hire Form must be submitted to the state either electronically or in hard copy.

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